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3-Step Program

STEP 1 Sanitize to kill bacteria
STEP 2 Oxidize and clarify for sparkling clear water
STEP 3 Prevent algae growth

Pool care should be as easy as possible.
With BioGuard's 3-Step Pool Care Program, it's easy as 1-2-3!

This convenient system helps you keep your pool sparkling clear with no hassles. What's more, it only requires minutes per week to apply. That leaves hours free for the real reason you got your pool: FUN.

We offer FREE Computer Water Analysis and are open 7 days a week year 'round. Bring us your troubled water and we will take you from green to clean!

We also offer SpaGuard Spa Products by Bioguard for all your hot tub needs!


Enhance our 3-Step Program with Optimizer Plus! Optimizer Plus suppresses algae, makes pH control easier, and softens pool water. You'll love your pool's new diamond-like sparkle and soft feel!

  • Enhances the performance of all BioGuard's Pool Maintenance Programs
  • Suppresses algae growth, greatly reducing the likelihood of an algae bloom
  • For use in all pool types
  • Will not evaporate and is not destroyed by ultra-violet rays of the sun
  • Easy-to-use granular product
  • Buffers water balance to prevent pH bounce
  • Noticeably softens the water so it feels gentle on your skin

Using Optimizer Plus is recommended with any of the BioGuard Pool Maintenance Programs. Not available in California.

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