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We carry a complete line of above ground pools, including high quality pools by Cornelius, Wilbar International, & Aquasphere/ Vogue. For equipment, we recommend Pentair & Hayward filter systems, as they are the largest manufacturers, & thus the easiest for replacement parts in the years to come. Too many times we have seen folks save a little by buying an "off-label" brand, only to find out that their system is useless (or, their pool will be down for weeks while they try to track down the part) because they can't find a $10 widget (pool-speak for "thingy.") Our goal is to keep it simple--now, and in the many years you will be enjoying your pool!

PA License #17161

Summer Sale on Now! Stop by to see wall samples of the different types we carry. We suggest calling ahead to make an appointment for the optimum time to have a salesperson available.

We suggest you check with your boro/township Codes Department before you shop, so you are aware of their requirements/regulations regarding setbacks from property lines, side yards, buildings, etc. This may determine what size/shape of pool will fit in your yard, Also, different areas have different requirements for fencing: whether required around yard, pool, both, or if pool being a 48" high barrier is sufficient. We have a simple checklist that you can use in your planning that also covers electric requirements, entry requirements, etc. Ultimately, the Homeowner is responsible for making sure all codes are met; we try to help make this as easy as possible, but are limited by the fact that every township can have its own rules & regulations. See the More Information Tab on our Home Page for suggested installers.

Not sure if you want an Above Ground Pool, In Ground Pool, or something in between? Consider a year-round option for swimming, exercise, and training-- an ATV Aquatic Training Vessel Swim Spa by Marquis. Check out the options at http://www.atvswimspas.com/. Or stop by our showroom to check out our 14' demo model!

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