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Trade Certified Spa Dealer 2018

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Barto Pool & Spa carries a complete line of Marquis Hot Tubs & Swim Spas. In June 2018, we are celebrating 25 years as a Marquis Spas Dealer!!! We will NOT be traveling Home Shows, Hot Tub Expo,or any other source! Bring a written quote, & we will meet or beat the price of any competitive product. Keep in mind the value of local warranty service, products Made in the USA, & support after the sale. Our large showroom features several demo models available for wet-testing. Just bring your bathing suit & relax! Check out the complete line at

Barto Pool & Spa is honored to receive several major national awards from Marquis Hot Tubs, including Top Regional Dealer, Top Sales Nationally for a Single Retail Location, & the Quest for Excellence Award for best overall performance in the Country including Sales, Marketing, & Customer Service by a Marquis dealer. We were also the top Marquis dealer in the Country for Spa Accessory sales. In 2007 we won Marquis' National Customer Service Award. In 2014 we were recognized as a Retail Star by Spa Retailer Magazine.

Let us show you why we received these awards! Would you buy a car if there was no local experienced dealer to service it? Then don't buy a spa-- jacuzzi -- hot tub -- without having a local service dealer! Also, experience counts. We have been a local business since 1970. And Marquis is the ONLY manufacturer we carry.

Looking for the most natural water in your tub and least maintenance? Plus, longevity of parts for the lifetime of your tub? Marquis recommends the FROG Mineral Water Care System which uses low levels of bromine, or the @Ease System, which uses low levels of chlorine. Plus Ozone. Why use a Saltwater System that requires higher levels of chlorine? Yes, CHLORINE! A Salt System is simply making chlorine for you so you don't have to buy all of it--but you still have to use the standard levels (by buying granular chlorine, plus acid to reduce the high pH as a side effect of the byproducts created. Salt is corrosive & damages equipment, like heaters, & anything else metal, plus produces scaling.) We have investigated Salt Systems for over 20 years in the hot water environment, & the extra required maintenance, chlorine levels, acid required, & cost--both up front & long-term-- have led us to the conclusion that they are not viable for the average consumer. Looking for softer skin? Add in the Fountain of Youth benefits with Microsilk--see more info below!

We are a 2018 Certified Retail Store by This is an elite, independent endorsement based solely on merit, achieved by demonstrating excellence on every level, from employee training to customer satisfaction. For more information, visit

Have you always wanted a jacuzzi? Did you know that Jacuzzi is just a brand name, like Kleenex is a brand name for facial tissue? Or Band Aids are just adhesive strips? Marquis is celebrating 38 years making HOT TUBS...SPAS...JACUZZIS...the hot springs of moving water used since ancient times that alleviate chronic pain, reduce stress, promote better sleep, help with arthritis, & overall promote well-being.

The Vector 21 Series Tubs are making a splash! These exciting mid-range tubs have an edgy new design & cool features, including an amazing set of footwell jets in the V94.

Vector Environments

Do you want to reduce stress, improve your mood, and reduce chronic pain? You can do all of these things with a great Marquis Hot Tub or ATV Swim Spa. Bring your bathing suit to test soak in our ever-changing Demo models & exercise in our ATV Swim Spa (Great for non-swimmers, too--the optional Convenience Package with Rowing attachment provides everything a non-swimmer could want for upper & lower body workouts with resistance training.) Buddy swim with Marquis' Mascot #LutherLoon, & you will never train or run alone!

Promise Microsilk

Do you suffer from eczema, psoriasis, or dry, sensitive skin? Microsilk may be able to help-- plus you get the full benefits of hydrotherapy and relaxation before (or after) you soak! The next best thing to the fountain of youth, this incredible technology softens your skin while you soak. Click here to watch the video: Microsilk-- the Fountain of Youth in your Hot Tub! Available on Marquis Signature models: Spirit 240v, Epic, Euphoria, Resort, and the 1 pump Promise. Also the entire Vector21 Series models.

Also...looking for spas on a budget? Check out our line of budget-friendly spas at

Celeb Tub

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